About us
Who are we?
We love to help people with their problems, and we’re good at it too. Our team is solution and goal-oriented and we're always ready to help. We each contribute our fair share to the tasks at hand while offering each other support. Doing this ensures our ideas, products, and workflow sync together beautifully for complete cohesion in the workplace. More importantly, it guarantees we can have fun both in and outside of the office.
Why did we create Effie?

Do you like letting great ideas pass you by? If your answer is no, then we're on the same page.

Even if you get the chance to write down a brilliant idea that suddenly pops into your head, the amount of time spent it takes to create and name a folder and then create a sheet title, most of what you've just thought of has already slipped away. The next thing you know, the epiphany you've just had is no longer as brilliant as your first thought.

Writing tools are meant to make writing easier. They're not meant to add more work, stress, pain or problems!

Well, that's precisely why we created Effie. We wanted a writing tool that'll solve your problems, not make them. And the best thing is, we're continuously improving her to ensure she's capable of withstanding the forever-changing world of writing and ideas.