Effie. Maximize your writing productivity.
Your top choice for writing, outlining, mind-mapping, and AI assistance.
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Write anywhere, anytime
No device or location can hold you back.
Capture every creative spark.
Immersive creation
High-quality Creation = Time x Concentration
Provide a serene and disturbance-free writing atmosphere.
Arrange logical structure
Mind Maps & Outlines
Fragmented Thoughts → Clear Structure
Easy output
Export to photo strips or diverse formats with one click.
Enjoy a smooth and delightful journey from writing to sharing.
Latest Launched: Effie AI
Your personal AI assistant: make writing more effortless.
More efficient
More accurate
More inspired
Generate summary and outline
Extract information and establish a clear article structure.
Summarize the theme and content of the article.
Shorten, expand and extend text
Adjust length, easily modifying the text.
Whether it's a simple idea or a complete article, AI can generate it for you.
Write anywhere, anytime
No limitations on device, network, or location.
Write whenever creativity hits.
Cloud syncing: support computer, phone & tablet.
Offline-supported: write anywhere.
Intuitive design: a ready-to-use interface.
Immersive creation
Escape distraction. Embrace words.
Engrossed in writing.
Minimalist style: no redundant buttons.
Markdown syntax: lock formats easily.
Custom fonts and display effects.
Arrange logical structure
Create a solid logical structure for your content with outline and mind map.
Convert from an outline to a mind map with one click.
Arrange texts and outlines in any layouts.
Edit tree chart, org chart, etc. in real time.
Easy output
Convert and share files for various use cases with just one click.
Export to PDF, DOXC, Markdown or other formats.
Save as photo strips for easier phone viewing.