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Immersive writing environment
Nothing to distract you from your thoughts and your writing. Just write, and write some more.
Markup-based editor with syntax highlighting
With syntax highlighting, you can finish your work without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.
Mind maps and lists
Visualize your thoughts and find their connections, so you can see the forest and the trees when writing.
Pure native code, 0% JavaScript
For the smoothest experience. It takes just a second to turn a 5,000-node list into a mindmap - no lagging or sluggishness.
Privacy and data protection
All your work is encrypted - this means no targeted ads, no intelligent recommendations, nothing.
Work and sync on all your devices
Whatever device have, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android, Effie is there for you.
Flexible exports
You can export your work to formats like PDF, DOCX, JPG, Markdown, and EffieSheet.
Optimized for M1 and Intel chipsets
So Effie will run smoothly on your new Mac.
No file management
All your work is in one place, and within reach. So there's no confusing file management.
Save automatically
Effie autosaves and syncs all your work, so you don’t have to do it manually.